Review: Moonchild Tarot Deck

This. Deck. This is definitely the most beautiful of my collection thus far. The Moonchild Tarot has an exquisite soft palette color scheme and a blend of new age and antiquated imagery.


Gold design on the back

There is a very interesting blend of art-deco and new-age imagery in the cards which really makes this deck stand out. As an individual normally drawn toward magical imagery, I found that this combination actually creates a nostalgic and spiritual aesthetic.

The back of the cards is nothing short of fantastic. The white and gold design is very bold while also remaining in an art-deco spiritual realm. The design is bold yet clean.

The Meanings

Every tarot reader has their own way of interpreting the card meanings. After years of reading tarot, I was pleasantly surprised to find such fresh views of the traditional meanings. The 2 of cups for instance, is depicted more as viewing a person or partnership with rose-colored glasses rather than the soul-mate feel that is often attributed to Rider-Waite cards. The Page of wands was also given a face-lift. The foolish naievity of the Rider-Waite deck page is countered by an imaginative and enthusiastic young woman. The connotation is slightly different in that the Moonchild deck values this imagination instead of seeing this page as lost in pointless daydreams. Death is absolutely lovely here. It is depicted as a woman in a very freeing dance-like movement among snakes and transformative creatures. The imagery seems very ritualistic and I adore that it is a card of beauty instead of fear.

Extra cards!

There are 3 extra cards that read like Oracle cards:

  1. Moonchild
  2. Shadow work
  3. Divine wisdom

These cards give a lot of extra advice and excercises to make the message more meaningful.

Other thoughts:

This deck has a strong focus on shadow work and spirituality. It is perfect for looking at motivations and thought patterns behind our choices. It is also extremely calming thanks to the colors and imagery which takes the sting out of some of the more traditionally “negative” cards. I work with this deck daily because it gives me a lot to think about in terms of why I am making certain choices.

Let me know what you think of this deck!

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5 thoughts on “Review: Moonchild Tarot Deck”

    1. Hello Sara! If you are used to RWS cards, this may be a bit challenging. While the Moonchild uses the same basic card names with a few exceptions, the images are very, very, different. I would consider it more intermediate personally.


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