Repeating Cards and Synchronicity

Messages from the universe

When I first started reading tarot cards, I was a teenager. I didn’t know how to channel, use my intuition, or shuffle very well. All of these skills improved after working on them for several years, but I always had patterns of repeating cards.

The Aces represent our personal power of will, mind, heart, and body

As a novice, I didn’t really notice the patterns, but I kept a detailed record of all of my personal readings in a journal to help myself remember the card meanings.

When life became more stable and busy as I graduated college, began teaching, and had two babies, my time for readings became less and less. Last year, I began looking back over all of the readings that I had done in the last 8 years and noticed that 95% of them featured an ace.

I am no mathematician but, there are 4 ace cards in a deck of 78 cards- the odds of me pulling an ace consistently while completing readings for myself at least once a week are very slight. And yet, there they were. The readings that I performed were no more than 10 cards. When I was just starting out, I did more Celtic Cross style readings than I do now. This layout is still the most in-depth and accurate for me, but I choose spreads which will help my querant (or myself) the most.

When I surveyed the pages of that journal several months ago and noticed this strange pattern, I began to think about the difference between coincidence and synchronicity. Dreams can be a form of synchronicity. Our brain shapes together bits of our thoughts, subconscious drives, and our past experiences to make a Picasso of visual stimuli behind our eyes at night. Those images are recognizable to us, but the meanings are not always readily apparent to our awakened brain. If we continue to have the same dream over and over again, our subconscious is drawing our attention to something. It screams out that we need to work out a mental knot within us.

There are times when we also find inspiration or solutions to our problems in our dreams. There are ways to effectively train our brain to focus on the dream content and make it more productive for our waking mind. My whole point with this tangent is, one person may believe that dreams are utter non-sense and are totally coincidental if they happen to have relevant, prophetic, or otherwise repetitive themes. Others see dreams as a reflecting pool of our soul, a place where our spirit communicates with us about the things we try to ignore or have no time for. Much like synchronicity.

Synchronicity is defined as: “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” In other words, when an idea, image, or message keeps following you around in different places in a short period of time. For instance, one morning, you may wake up and look out of the window to see a truck with a cow painted on it. Annoyed that the truck nearly knocked over your mailbox while turning around in your driveway, you continue on with your day. Later, your son may be doing his homework. It is a crossword puzzle in the shape of a cow. While waiting for dinner, you turn on the TV and come across a show on animal planet about farm animals and see…a cow. When your husband or wife brings dinner home it turns out to be hamburgers. The next day, your co-worker tells you they turned vegan. All that talk of veganism makes you hungry for red meat. You decide to go to a fancy steakhouse for dinner and get food poisoning that night. Now this sounds a little contrived and that’s because it is, but you get the idea.

Confident, charismatic, and bold; she is the most regal queen

Tarot cards which repeat provide a moral or life-lesson that we are either currently experiencing or will soon. They are at times very stubborn. I went through a phase with the Queen of Wands that was quite sticky. She would also show up when I read for clients. Her message had to do with a difficult situation that I would face in my family life. She gently demanded that I take a good hard look at myself and my life and make some changes. As a naturally sensitive and giving individual, she helped me to understand my boundaries and that there were times when I just had to say “no”. I still see her from time to time, but once I realized and actually used this advice, she showed up much less.

The next time that you complete a reading or have someone else read for you, examine the cards. Think back to your past readings. Are there patterns? What are you being asked to analyze? Is there a repeating problem in your life that could correspond to the repeating card? A good tarot reader can help you with ascertaining what a repeating card may mean for you. There are also tarot spreads online for this purpose. Take out a sheet of paper and write down the card that follows you and pour your thoughts out on the paper. You may discover something hidden within that needed release.

I’d love to hear from you!

What are your thoughts on synchronicity?

If you have had cards follow you, what were they?



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