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Cleanse the Air, Cleanse your spirit- Kitchen witch tips to purify your space

Hello Salamanders! I know here I am again after a long hiatus. I am beginning to accept that I may never get to the place where I am a regular blogger until my kids are grown up and off to college.I know things are hard right now. There is no sugar coating or spiritual bypassing… Continue reading Cleanse the Air, Cleanse your spirit- Kitchen witch tips to purify your space

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Loving Others While Hating Yourself

"What is wrong with me?" "Why does this person not like me?" "Am I not pretty, smart, (insert adjective) enough?" The answer is yes, there is something wrong with you- you don't love yourself enough. As a spiritual coach and tarot reader, I hear these questions often. The truth is, no one can love us… Continue reading Loving Others While Hating Yourself


Summer Solstice Peppers- Kitchen Witchery

A tasty kitchen witch recipe to kick start your Summer magic As the days become warmer and more colorful, the rays of the sun somehow seem more powerful and benevolent. The energy shifts from contemplative to active and we begin to feel busier (or if it is too hot, lazier). I have begun contemplating the… Continue reading Summer Solstice Peppers- Kitchen Witchery


Protecting Your Energy- Is Smudge Enough?

Smoke, visualization, crystals- are they enough? Smudge spray and Rosemary smudge bundle There are countless books, videos, and opinions about energy clearing, spirits, negative energy and protection. This blog is my take on this subject and the philosophies and methods that have worked well for me. My Relationship With Spirits When I was a child,… Continue reading Protecting Your Energy- Is Smudge Enough?


Repeating Cards and Synchronicity

Messages from the universe When I first started reading tarot cards, I was a teenager. I didn't know how to channel, use my intuition, or shuffle very well. All of these skills improved after working on them for several years, but I always had patterns of repeating cards. The Aces represent our personal power of… Continue reading Repeating Cards and Synchronicity


Review: Moonchild Tarot Deck

This. Deck. This is definitely the most beautiful of my collection thus far. The Moonchild Tarot has an exquisite soft palette color scheme and a blend of new age and antiquated imagery. Appearance Gold design on the back There is a very interesting blend of art-deco and new-age imagery in the cards which really makes… Continue reading Review: Moonchild Tarot Deck