Divination Destination Haul!

The goods

I stumbled upon Divination Destination on Instagram (@divinationdest) and honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect until I spoke with them. I mean, online stores are a mixed bag, especially when it comes to magical and new age items. To my surprise, Divination Destination had friendly staff, a decently-sized collection (which they said is growing), and fair prices. It only took a few days for my box to reach my hot little hands.

The Signs and Symbols book was perfect. I had been looking for something to aid with creating spell work symbols and this was it.

The pages are colorful and informative without being too overwhelming. There are symbols from all over the world.

The Lenormand deck is very interesting! It is a deck created by the famous psychic Marie Lenormand and works similarly to an Oracle deck. There is a lovely and generous guide book inside of the box.

The cards are adorable! Mini-sized cards are perfect for traveling. The images are very Victorian and slightly eerie…I love it! Very excited to explore further.

Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners is an excellent reference book. I love the author’s light-hearted and sincere introduction. She is very thorough with a step-by-step approach and provides fantastic advice and ideas. Now I just need my crystal ball! The staff @divinationdest said they will be getting new items in soon so be on the lookout for new divination items!

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