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Ambyr Dark: Intuitive Tarot Reader and spiritual coach

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This is a place for insight, reflection, and secret ponderings. If witchcraft, magick, divination and the like are not your cup, please continue your journey. But if you want to explore, to really dig in to the things just under the surface of your being, stay and have a biscotti while I ramble a bit.

My name is Ambyr Dark. I’m a professional tarot reader and spiritual guide.

The types of readings I provide are accurate, predictive, fortune-telling readings and reflective readings. Both styles provide insight, list steps to consider, and give spiritual tools to assist you further.

My main tools are the tarot and magick, but what draws others to me is my empathic energy, and a true desire to use my gift to help others find their soul song.

Please, take off your coat and navigate through the site. My tale is just beginning.

If you like what you read and want more information on my tarot or spiritual services, email me here: ambyr@tarotandtorch.com