Ostara altar and two new tarot decks!

The birds are chirping, the weather is warming, and our senses are tingling- It’s Spring! Join me as I show you my new altar and a sneak peek at my 2 new decks!

It seems I cannot escape dark altar colors. I really tried! I work with dark goddess energies so the deep purple is fitting.

Who Is Ostara?

Ostara is the goddess of Spring. Her exact origins are unclear but she seems to have Germanic and Anglo Saxon origins. Spring festivals were held in her honor and it was a common ritual to gather water from brooks or the moisture of dew to wash up with to add beauty and youthfulness to the skin. Because of the eggs in birds nests and chickens during this season, Ostara (or Easter as it was later called) has always been associated with colorful eggs and new life.

Planning My Altar

When thinking about my altar, I knew that I wanted to brighten it up for this season. Throughout the winter, I did not have an altar cloth on the table and the wood beneath is black. The purple tapestry with the gold embroidery and tassels really liven up the altar. Purple is the color I associate with Hekate (sometimes black and red but purple seems more fitting), my matron goddess, so I chose to set my altar in this color rather than the whites, robin egg blues, and Tiffany greens associated with Ostara and spring.

I added an offering bowl filled with flowers that I have collected over the years as a touch of florals since I do not currently have fresh flowers.

The glass ball is symbolic of the dew which was collected by folklore traditions and also symbolizes divination which is a large part of my life. I love the way the reflected colors sparkle inside of the ball!

Sneak Peek of the SpiritSong Tarot Cards!

I chose small, colorful crystals to represent the eggs of Ostara. The blue lace agate (the pale blue stone) is just beautiful and really captures the energy of this Sabbat. Many of the crystals had a natural egg shape. As April approaches I will put some dyed eggs on the altar as well.

The dried rose petals add a pop of color and softness to the altar and also continue this month’s theme of self-love.

There are few things more exciting than opening up new tarot decks!

Wiccan or Witch?

Even though I do not exactly classify myself as Wiccan (I use the term solitary witch), my first experiences with witchcraft were through a form of solitary Wicca. I have stopped certain practices from my original rituals that were inherently Wiccan and chose to keep others which I feel are still important to my practice. I celebrate Ostara because of its connections to Spring Pagan festivals. I am a child of spring myself, so I feel compelled to honor this season.

Sneak Peek at the 2 new decks!

An Ostara gift that I gave to myself are two new decks. What better way to welcome new beginnings than with Tarot! The SpiritSong deck captures Spring perfectly and The Universe Has Your Back Oracle provides loving messages with each card. If you follow me on Instagram, @Higherselftarot, you may have seen a card or two from SpiritSong. I will be reviewing each of these decks in full detail very soon!

What does your Ostara Altar look like? What inspired you in your design choices?



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