Deck Review: Spiritsong Tarot

At last I am posting a review for this gorgeous Tarot Deck!

As I sit typing, trying to ignore my migraine (due to the pressure changes in the weather), I still have my window open and am appreciating the cool spring air.

While searching online for a new Tarot deck, I stumbled upon the Spiritsong and could not get over the beauty of the artwork. The images are quite spiritual yet soft on the eyes and deceptively simplistic. This is the perfect deck for spring.

When I first began taking Tarot seriously, I told myself I would not own more than one deck and would not switch them for the seasons. Now that I am reading Tarot daily, I choose the deck by intuition (when reading for others) and mood (when reading for myself).

Back of the cards (left) and guidebook

This deck has an uplifting and encouraging mood. Even the most negative cards from the Rider-Waite deck (10 of swords, I’m looking at you) are represented in a positive light. This deck is fantastic for when you are feeling low-vibe, tired, or anxious.

The 3 of feathers (3 of swords) and the 10 of feathers (10 of swords)

An interesting note about this deck is that it works very well as an oracle. All Tarot can be used as an oracle deck but I find that the Spiritsong can stand alone because the individual cards do not seem to connect to each other as much as some decks…they lack the interconnected story of cards with figures on them.

Card Quality

The cards are not overly thick but have a stiffness to them which allows for frequent and thorough shuffling. The seem as though they will hold up reasonably well through time. They are of a medium (normal) size like most Rider Waite based decks, allowing for easy handling for those who do not have large hands. The sheen is slight-they are neither matte nor overly glossy.

Color and Aesthetics

The shading used on the cards has a watercolor effect. Most colors are light and use a gradient in the images to create a dream-like quality. Words that I would use to describe the aesthetic are: New Age, spiritual, dreamy, green-witch. The pastel colors that are used the most throughout the deck are green, blue, yellow, and brown.

Despite the softness of the colors, the animals depicted are realistic but embellished with symbols and intricate designs which create patterns that are unique in each card. The pattern of the background really makes the cards feel “alive” and “growing”.

Suits-Minor Arcana

Even though the deck is based on Rider Waite, the suits have different names: cups are represented as shells, pentacles are represented as crystals, swords are represented as feathers, and wands are represented as acorns. Each minor arcana card incorporates the images of their suit in the background art.

Major Arcana

Most of the major arcana are the same as the traditional cards except those listed below:

The Lovers and Judgement


Death- Transformation


The Devil-The Shadow

The Lovers-Love

In conclusion

This is a gorgeous deck which views negative situations in a healing vibe and growth-mindset perspective. It works extremely well as an Oracle but not as well as a shadow working deck or when you need blunt answers.

Let me know if you have any questions about this deck or if you have worked with it.



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