Waxing Moon Self Care Ritual- Taurus moon energy

Self-care rituals are a form of magic. This ritual reveals our inner beauty and light.

Firstly, let me begin by saying that I’m a mom of 2 little ones with a full-time teaching career and a card-slinging life on the side. Self-care rituals are not a monthly occurrence for me. My children are the core of my life and after them, my students and tarot querants. My eldest will be four in May and I have *just now* started coming back to treating myself to nice things. I think it is the empath in me.

Vanilla bean macaron tea, candles, and an aromatic bath with rose petals
The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Deck-It is brand new so I gave it a whirl and this was the card šŸ™‚

This month’s goal is self-love so I decided, under the waxing Taurus moon (my sun is under Taurus) to let myself enjoy the evening at my own pace and treat myself to a luxurious bath and all the self-care treasures that I can.

The Spirituality of Earthy Taurus:

Taurus is an earth sign symbolized by the bull and born in the months April 20-May 21. This sign loves to experience the pleasures of the senses. Soft fabric, spicy and floral scents, and foods that are aromatic and flavorful. Taurus also has a spiritual side, but it is about finding the spiritual in the material and natural things in the world. A unique and well-prepared dinner can be a spiritual experience to a Taurus because it allows them to tap into their creativity and intuition. Sex can be a spiritual experience to a Taurus because of the energy passed between the flesh and the connection to the highest-self. (Buy us chocolate).

Using the Energy of the Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is when the moon’s luminosity increases after the new moon. The moon is building its light back to the full moon phase. During this time, our mind and spirit experiences a little lift as our energy picks up and we feel less sluggish. The new moon that just passed was the time of making our goals, the waxing moon is planning and beginning to implement those goals into fruition.

Steps For A Waxing Moon Self-Care Ritual:

If your goal is self-love or self-care, (or you just want to treat yourself) then please read on for inspiration!

Step 1: Limit distractions. Yessss! Silence! Make sure the kids are in bed, pets are out of the room, lights are dimmed, other family members are busy or out (if possible).

Step 2: Ambiance. Set the mood with candles, music (I used celtic harp music), and incense or a diffuser with a delightful scent.

Step 3-Prepare a bath your favorite way. Add oils, flower petals, sea salts, etc. If you just prefer plain water or if you like bubbles, go for it! I used a blend of frankincense, rose, and cypress oils in my bath along with baking soda, dried rose petals, and sea salt.

Step 4- Enjoy. Put your phone down for a distraction free bath. Listen to your body and quiet your mind. I sipped Vanilla Macaroon tea (so good).

Step 5- Connect to the spirit or higher-self. Meditate, pray, talk to the ancestors, read tarot…participate in something that allows you to become one with the spiritual plane. This connects your body to your soul in a very earthy way. Even reflective practices such as journaling can help you connect to your higher-self. I did all of these things!

How do you celebrate your self-care and self-love rituals? Write a comment in the box below!

Coming soon- 2 Tarot deck reviews and my Ostara altar set up!

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