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Kitchen witch Tip-Growing Plants for Protection

Many witches use plants and herbs to protect them and their sacred spaces. The extra step of growing the plants yourself adds multitudes of benefits especially when you set intentions when planting the seed.

Plants pulsate with the pure essence of life. They collect the most pure power sources- earth, wind, water, and light (fire) and in turn produce oxygen, beauty, and food. Green magic is glorious because it grounds us while casting and connects us to our purest energy. We feel closer to the earth and her bounty.

My daughter, the budding little witch that she is, helps me to plant seeds each spring and is so excited about the seedlings as they pop through the soil. There is magic enough in her shrill squeals when she spots the bit of green. As I teach her about plants, I tell her that the plants eat the sunlight and turn it into magic (energy). There is a reverence we must have for the plants as well as a protectiveness and nurturing. If we care for the plants, they will care for us.

Some practical choices for protection:

Purple basil-This is my favorite. Purple basil is also known as the “witches herb” as it was thought to protect one from witches. Eventually it was found that it actually protected witches psychically from malevolent energies while also increasing their psychic powers. But that’s not why I love it- the flavor is divine in a fresh salad.

Green Sage-Sage has been used for many centuries as a protective herb. It is thought to protect against evil spirits and add purification to a space. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and is great for internal infections when consumed.

Rosemary-Many know the saying “plant rosemary by your garden gate”. Rosemary is said to protect against illness. In the middle ages, it was worn to protect one from the plague. It is great for love magic as well. Plus you can’t have roasted potatoes without it!

Oregano-An all around favorite. This herb protects against illness and disease as well as grants good luck and prosperity. I love some fresh oregano in my eggs for breakfast and naturally, it is the best choice for spaghetti sauce.

Care and feeding of your plants: Plant offerings

When working with plants, I treat them like the lovely elemental life forms that they are. They are ALIVE. We pluck off their leaves and fruit and consume them. I talk to my plants, thank them, and give them offerings to make a stronger relationship and add power to the magic made from them.

Adding crushed eggshells (known as cascarilla powder) to some plants is very beneficial. Not only is cascarilla full of magical protective properties, it provides calcium and other minerals. Vegetables of the nightshade family especially love this treat (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers) but I add it to all of my plants (unless they tell me they don’t like it!). This treat need only be given once or every few months. Save your egg shells. Thoroughly wash and dry them. Then grind them with mortar and pestle and keep in an airtight container. Sprinkle into the soil.

Coffee grinds (used from a coffeemaker) are also wonderful and I take a tip from my grandfather and use coffee as well. It is a once a week treat that I give my plants as the caffeine helps to jump start the vegetable plants to produce more and the herbs to grow more quickly. Again, listen to your plants as not all will enjoy the same things.

Fish bones or shrimp shells. Plants love this! After dinner when I have shrimp shells and fish bones, I put them into my ninja blender with some leftover vegetables and water and make a plant smoothie. This is highly nutritious fertilizer for the soil and the more nutrition, the happier the plants, and the more magic and protection they give!

Happy Planting!



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