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Cleanse the Air, Cleanse your spirit- Kitchen witch tips to purify your space

Hello Salamanders! I know here I am again after a long hiatus. I am beginning to accept that I may never get to the place where I am a regular blogger until my kids are grown up and off to college.I know things are hard right now. There is no sugar coating or spiritual bypassing here. Life is a struggle on an emotional, mental and physical level as so many things are moving, changing and even collapsing. But let’s focus on what we can control.Magic is in the air- really!Think of the cleansing power of the wind and how soothing the wind can feel on our skin. Imagine you are standing on a pier under the warm sun with a mild wind whistling and tousling your hair. The wind carries scents of the salty water, the loamy planks of the wood beneath your feet, and sweet honeysuckle nearby. This is how air should feel.In our homes, it generally does not feel like this. Instead, it gets stale and heavy. And now many of us are spending more time indoors.If you’ve seen my posts from last year, you may know that I am obsessed with clean and purified air. Open windows, diffusers, dusting, cleaning…I want my air to be clear. Our health is greatly dependent on our lung capacity and what we bring into our bodies. Many viruses are brought in through our nose or mouth. So when we breathe, if our air is polluted, dirty, or stale, we are not filling ourselves with energy we are filling ourselves with sickness.Here are some things you can do right now to improve your air quality and improve your mood:

  1. Open your windows. I know it may be cold or rainy but honestly, I keep my bedroom and living room windows open even during these conditions. This helps the air to circulate in your home and prevents the stale and stagnant air and germs from settling. It feels fresher and more energizing as well. The air circulation can prevent mold from growing if you live in a climate which is susceptible to this like I do. Let mother Gaia do her thing!
  2. Dust. Yes, I said it. Most people hate it. I do too in all honesty. There are so many things I would rather do. But dusting is important. You don’t want to breathe in old skin cells and dirt trapped on your fan, shelves, and walls do you? It’s astounding to see the dust clusters going into the trash can when you sweep or vacuum them up afterwards.
  3. Diffuses. Oh yes I love my diffusers! They are worth the investment! Right now I am diffusing my home-made thieve’s oil blend to kill viruses because of Covid 19. But when viruses aren’t as much of a concern, I love to diffuse peppermint oil because it is so lively and energizes me to work late into the night. Dehumidifiers are great too.
  4. Incense and sage- I know there is a lot of controversy in the spiritual community over burning sage and palo santo because of environmental concerns. I will not weigh in on that now, but I will mention the pros of burning sage. Sage is a natural virus and bacteria annihilator. The burning of sage sends ions into the air which actual kill viral bugs and clean the air as well. Other herbs such as rosemary and thyme have these properties but sage has been used in ancient times for this purpose and is considered the best. It also helps to keep insects away! If you grow herbs like thyme, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass or green sage, you can make your own herb bundles (or burn a single leaf). Just snip off a leaf from your garden and place in a fire-proof bowl or cauldron and burn.
  5. Besom dusting- like a good witch, I actually have a besom. I use it to “sweep” the air around my sacred space to clean it of negative energy hovering near. It lightens the atmosphere and gets rid of energetic nasties that lower your vibration. As I sweep I chant a traditional or improvised spell (according to my mood and purpose). “Witches broom, swift in flight, cast out toxins, bring in light, purify and cleanse with each sweep, health and blessings may my household keep.”
  6. Vacuum- As above so below darlings. Don’t forget about the floor. There are all kinds of things hiding in your carpet that pollute your air. Like dusting, it is very muggle like to vacuum. But it doesn’t have to be! Cast an incantation while you are vacuuming. “Negative energy and vibrations low, into this vessel you will go, as above so below, my space is pure with this chore.”

What is your favorite way to clean your air? Do you practice any of these air-cleansers?Blessings,Ambyr

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