My Journey Under The Stars

Thanks for joining me! Read on to see what you are getting yourself into.

The Fool’s Journey in Tarot is the journey we all begin but few seldom finish.

I’m Ambry Dark, a tarot reader, light worker/shadow healer, witch, and life-long learner, and this blog is my journey under the stars. It doesn’t matter if you are driving at 80 miles an hour or you are at a standstill, you can still travel “nowhere but everywhere.” Let’s reflect on life, love, magick, divinity, tarot, and all things beautiful.

A little bit about me:

 I am a tarot reader and spiritual worker, and a mom, but I was not always so confident in my own identity and abilities. It took many years of self -reflection, trying new things, and finally, the acceptance of who I was, in order to be where I am now. And now, my journey as my true self is only just beginning as I now guide and heal others.

 What to expect in this blog:

*Tarot– Articles, random thoughts, deeper meanings, philosophies, deck reviews etc. I want to begin by travelling through the Fool’s Journey and contemplating life through each Major Arcana Card.

*Witchcraft-Theory, practice, information, children and magick, personal experiences.

*Unboxings– Witchy subscription boxes, tarot decks, new age hauls.

*Whatever else seems delightful at the time.

Taking the first steps of my journey:

When you live inside of your mind for so long, it becomes a comfortable place to spend your time. Thoughts are like vessels that take us to the past, the future, into ourselves, and to time and place unknown. They travel to the ends of the earth, into people’s minds, and through the astral plane. I always spent too much time thinking about what I wanted and manifesting things that were not aligned to my higher self. 

There are times when we do not give enough credence to our thoughts. We are told not to think a certain way, not to over think, not to think negatively, sometimes we are told not to think at all and just feel. I, like many others, grew up in an environment which did not support different ways of thinking. I was trapped in a sheep mentality of how to live my life for a long time and often cared too much about what others thought of me.

The reason why it took me so long to answer my calling to be a spiritual guide and tarot reader, is that I ignored my gut feelings and labeled them as imagination. I was told that I had an “overactive imagination” many times when growing up. When I began reading the Tarot for others, I began channeling. Others told me that I had a gift, that I went way beyond the meaning of the cards to produce messages that my questioners really needed. It was terrifying at first to let go of my preconceived notions that what was channeling wasn’t reality but I began knowing things that were impossible for me to know, facts and bits of memories that my querants had that I picked up on. These messages and the shocked reactions from others told me that I was on the right path.

The Moon (The Light Visions Tarot)

Intuition is evolved imagination; imagination which has been shaped and honed through careful sculpting of our active and poetic minds. You must have imagination to suspend your disbelief in divinity, divination, and the validity of your “gut feelings”. In short, without imagination, we could not believe our intuition enough to act upon it or listen to it. Tarot is one of many tools that help us channel that energy.

There are times when we have no where to go- where our lives are at a standstill or upon a crossroads. This is when we need intuition. This is when we need our imagination. Allow yourself to travel into your brain, your heart, your road under the stars.

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