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Loving Others While Hating Yourself

"What is wrong with me?" "Why does this person not like me?" "Am I not pretty, smart, (insert adjective) enough?" The answer is yes, there is something wrong with you- you don't love yourself enough. As a spiritual coach and tarot reader, I hear these questions often. The truth is, no one can love us… Continue reading Loving Others While Hating Yourself


Protecting Your Energy- Is Smudge Enough?

Smoke, visualization, crystals- are they enough? Smudge spray and Rosemary smudge bundle There are countless books, videos, and opinions about energy clearing, spirits, negative energy and protection. This blog is my take on this subject and the philosophies and methods that have worked well for me. My Relationship With Spirits When I was a child,… Continue reading Protecting Your Energy- Is Smudge Enough?


Divination Destination Haul!

The goods I stumbled upon Divination Destination on Instagram (@divinationdest) and honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect until I spoke with them. I mean, online stores are a mixed bag, especially when it comes to magical and new age items. To my surprise, Divination Destination had friendly staff, a decently-sized collection (which they said… Continue reading Divination Destination Haul!


Sugarmuses Unboxing- April 2019

A very earthy box with a lot of handcrafted love! Beautiful artwork Sugarmuses deluxe April box is simply lovely! The gorgeous olive green packaging and pouches is perfect for this month's theme as it explores fairies and the May Sabbat, Beltane. I adore the beautiful Beltane art! The box includes: *incense *2 crystals *bath salt… Continue reading Sugarmuses Unboxing- April 2019