Summer Solstice Peppers- Kitchen Witchery

A tasty kitchen witch recipe to kick start your Summer magic

As the days become warmer and more colorful, the rays of the sun somehow seem more powerful and benevolent. The energy shifts from contemplative to active and we begin to feel busier (or if it is too hot, lazier). I have begun contemplating the nature of the Sun God’s energy and how it relates to the Yang energy in my own life.

The Sun God

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and the night that follows it is the shortest. In ancient times, celebrations were made in honor of the Sun God and fires were burned throughout the day to “strengthen” the sun. The Sun God is at his peak at this time as well as mother earth, together producing abundance and love. Though the power of the Sun God is at its peak on this day, every day hereafter, that power begins to wane in preparation for the fall.

Repairing My Relationship with Yang Energy

The past week I’ve felt myself being drawn to warmth, flame, food, and hot tea. Perhaps I felt the changes in the weather or just intuitively sensed the increase of solar power. As a person who is normally uncomfortably warm, I was surprised at the craving for heat. As I lit my candles, I found myself allowing my fingers to hover near the flame and soak in the heat. In this phase of my life, I think I am accepting the warmth and the light.

I am a starseed and moonchild- the night sky calls to me and cradles me in its secrets, magic, and beauty, and so I feel that I had rejected the day for many years. The yang energy always felt too foreign and uncomfortable to me. At one point, I was irrationally afraid of fire. But this year, I am more open to the sun and his optimism, clarity, and healing.

Kitchen Witching To Celebrate

To celebrate and welcome this energy, I made a delicious pepper dish that is colorful, flavorful, and EASY. I am a busy mother, wife, entrepreneur, teacher, and witch so easy is what I need. This recipe is from a fantastic book called “A Kitchen Witches Cookbook” by Patricia Telesco. As a kitchen witch does, I made it my own by changing a few things.

This recipe is super customizable: basically, you need cream cheese, herbs, and peppers. The rest is playing with flavors.

the rays of the sun
original recipe

My changes to the recipe:

  1. When I think of fire and masculine energy, I think of paprika. I added paprika to the recipe to give it more bite and color.
  2. I used fresh herbs instead of dried.
  3. I added cilantro and thyme in place of chives.
  4. There were no pimentos in my fridge. My memory failed.

This recipe is great all year round but the colors are so bright and vibrant that I enjoy it the most around summer. The coldness of the cream cheese and juicy quality of the peppers makes me think of summer.

Magical qualities of this dish- Whatever you want to add intention to! I focused on harmony, gratitude, and abundance. That’s the fun of being a kitchen witch- you choose your own correspondences and create your own intention.

Blessed Solstice and Litha for those who are celebrating!

Please let me know below how you celebrate the solstice!



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