The Witch’s Moon unboxing-may 2019

Oh my goddess! This box was oh so gorgeous and resonated so much with my personal journey. Read on for pictures and my thoughts on this month’s box!

What treasures await inside?
Paper treasures

This box makes me want to take out my book of Rumi poetry because it is that good!

The paper treasures include a sigil for passion, Amare spell, Oracle card, and Aphrodite book of shadows page.

Ritual treasures

The items I most look forward to are the ritual items. The Witches Moon makes the best-smelling salts and oils! This month has a romantic love theme, so there is a predominant and lovely rose note.

The Litha ritual salts

The bath salts are otherworldly. The salt crystals have a visually appealing shape and texture and the dried flowers make for a beautiful bath experience.

Aphrodite Anointing Oil

The anointing oil is so sensual and appealing! The flower petals inside appear to be rose and Jasmine and add such a lavish appearance. This scent seems to have more Jasmine. It is very heady…perfect for the goddess it is named after.

The highlight of the box- rose quartz mala beads

This necklace….😍

I’ve been thinking about purchasing mala or prayer beads and I’m so glad I didn’t. The rose quartz, amethyst and pearl combination are perfect together. The quality is excellent and I think I will get many years of use out of it.

This shell box makes for a divine Venus De Milo effect

The incense and beeswax spell candles are glorious as always. I love to stock my spell box with these because as a witchy woman, I go through.so.much.incense.



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