Tarot and Psychic Abilities

Alright, take the image of the shrouded woman at the carnival out of your mind (unless you don’t want to…I rather like the image, personally) because that is not quite where this post is going.

Tarot has evolved A LOT over the centuries. It began as a card game and developed into fortune-telling, a magical item, and now, as a psychological development tool. But there may also be some rather unexpected side effects of this ever-popular tool—enhancement of intuition.

I have some rather different ideas about tarot and psychic abilities in general so this post may not agree with opinions of other tarot readers or psychics.

As a practitioner of witchcraft, tarot is a sacred tool and in ritual as well

My views on tarot-

The tarot, in my opinion, is a sacred tool of empowerment and also a divination system. My belief is that we empower the cards with our own energy to tap into the subconscious mind and retrieve the information we seek through the cards. I do however, believe that this energy used to empower the cards is a psychic energy.

In no way am I suggesting that tarot should not be valued as a sacred tool or that they should not be used in psychology—I think that that both are true. Tarot cards have so many gifts when used for psychological purposes and can also help to clarify a person’s choices or conflicting ideas. But for some individuals who are highly sensitive and attuned, tarot can enhance or draw out psychic abilities.

My views on psychic abilities

My opinion is that everyone has psychic energy at birth, but we tend to lose some of it as we grow older. Most adults have energy blocks or thought patterns which prevent them from opening their psychic channels.

Think about children. Kids talk to imaginary friends, use their imagination constantly to see things that aren’t there, and often claim to see ghosts or other supernatural things. This is because they allow themselves to believe that what they are experiencing is true. After they get a little older and their parents and friends tell them they were mistaken, that they didn’t see or hear anything, they forget about the incident and choose to doubt their abilities for the rest of their lives. This is unfortunate because this is the stage where many of us lost our intuition.

How the tarot develops our psychic abilities

While reading tarot, your mind is wide open because it is picking up on subtleties from the querant, from intuition, and from the archetypes on the cards. Because of the open state of the mind and the way our mind is reaching for the answers, any latent psychic abilities we possess become reawakened. It is a green light for our brain to let go of the blockage which is stopping up the waterworks of our psychic gifts.

I have noticed in my own life that using tarot has doubled my ability to use clairvoyance and clairsentience effectively. Clairvoyance is psychic seeing and clairsentience is psychic knowing.

Empaths often have clairsentience which allows you to “sense” energy. If you walk into a room and it suddenly feels creepy to you or if your own mood changes when walking from one room into another, you are sensing the energy in a space or from other people.

Clairvoyance is the ability to know something is going to happen. This can happen through predictive dreams, divination, or “flashes” of images, colors, or words in your mind.

Another way of reading tarot cards is by pure intuition. The cards “come to life” in the brain and begin explaining their story. This ability began as practicing by using imagination. I would deliberately come up with stories for the cards. Over time, I began to see things in the cards that defied explanation. People began telling me that I had a gift, that I must be a medium. The cards took shape to reveal the personalities of others that the querants asked about, the presence of children (or not), the outcome of projects, and lots of other very specific things which went way beyond the regular card meanings.

In my particular case, the tarot opened up energy blockages that I had placed on myself. I had willingly put corks into my psychic abilities because I was told that they were not acceptable or to be believed. The tarot exercises your intuition like a muscle: imagination, problem solving, and energy are required to be a talented tarot reader.

What are your thoughts, do you feel that tarot is merely used by “penny psychics” or do you think that tarot reveals hidden subconscious information to us? Please comment below, I’d love to hear from you!



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4 thoughts on “Tarot and Psychic Abilities”

  1. Hi, thank you for keeping on sharing with us.
    I think tarot does connect with our energy and give us messages, we wish or not to see or hear. I think it also sends messages from around us to us.
    For a long time I only wanted to see the ” good cards” as I would not know how to react to the bad news ones….
    I was a long time afraid of the bad messages it could carry out. ( still a little afraid ) But I try to see it as an indicator of moment ( a warning) and keeping in mind that we still have the capacity to take an other path and change the outcome.

    Does it make sens… I m still learning, some years ago I decided to embrace myself in full and balance my energy. Being less afraid of what I can’t control and understand. I think understanding comes with time and acceptance of who we are.

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  2. Absolutely feel it opens many forms of communication with not just our higher selves but with other energies ie; guides, angels other demensions etc. Im an empath and clairvoyant medium. My gifts are many but I’m a master of none lol. The cards are what broke the dam for me so to speak. I used to be so afraid I wouldn’t be reading them right. Then one day it was like….they were talking…i could literally see and hear the story they were telling. It seemed to flow easily from one card to the next. Fear and ego go hand in hand. Once we stop being afraid we open ourselves to the divine.

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