Sugarmuses Unboxing- April 2019

A very earthy box with a lot of handcrafted love!

Beautiful artwork

Sugarmuses deluxe April box is simply lovely! The gorgeous olive green packaging and pouches is perfect for this month’s theme as it explores fairies and the May Sabbat, Beltane.

I adore the beautiful Beltane art!

The box includes:


*2 crystals

*bath salt

*hand-poured candle

*Annointing oil

*2 different herbs



*Beltane Poem Art

Pink Himalayan Salt crystal and Rose Quartz
Gorgeous silver pendant
Herb infused candle

The scented items are highly scented. There is a fragrant, Jasmine note to the oil and bath salts. The candle and incense has a smoother, creamy, yet earthy vanilla scent which is wonderful.

All of the items are useful, beautiful, and great quality.

What I enjoy about this box is the home-made touches. The candle and wreath were lovingly crafted by the owners and there is a very witchy vibe that gels with me. To me, magical items are much more potent when they are handmade.

I am so looking forward to reviewing the May box!



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