The Witches Moon Unboxing- April Subscription Box

Self-care, spiritual tools, and witchcraft- I wanted to treat myself to a subscription box and I am so pleased that I did!

I am beyond thrilled-this is my first subscription box and I am in love. (No, I have not been paid to do this unboxing although, Universe, I am open to this!)

How beautiful is the box?!

This was a perfect first box for me as my birthday is next month and there were many items which corresponded to Beltane which is the May esbat. Beltane is about fertility, fire, and an overall celebration of life.

Opening the box

Ever get a package which was wrapped in the most annoying way? This was not that package, thank the goddess.

The magical moment

Everything was wrapped securely and beautifully and the outer and inner boxes opened easily. When I opened the box, I was met by my oracle card (they hand select a different oracle card so that each box has its own message!) which I definitely resonate with as I have been having some indecision and stalling regarding projects that I want to start.

Gorgeous Pegasus Oracle card
My 3 year old had a great time with the confetti

The Goods

There were so many items that I couldn’t squeeze them all into the photo

I’m not going to lie. When I saw the oracle deck I squeed. As a cartomancer, I was definitely hoping for some kind of deck and I kind of dug my hands into the box to feel around for a deck. This is a lovely and unique oracle deck that I hadn’t seen before. The colors are vibrant and the pictures are very ornate yet easy to intuitively divine in a reading.

There are so many items! I was very pleased by the quality of the items, the packaging, and the value that was in this box. As an avid witch, tarot reader, and spiritual person (and a person who appreciates nice things) this was such a great find.

Here are the contents:

  • The Mystical Wisdom Oracle Deck
  • Double terminated Fluorite
  • Fluorite Book of Shadows Artwork
  • Wise Guidance Twin Spell Candles/ with dried flowers
  • Bliss Magical Anointing oil
  • Beltane Celebration Sacred Salt
  • Selenite Desert Rose
  • Ritual Rose Rope Incense
  • Pythia Ritual Jasmine Tea
  • Ginger (herb)
  • 7 barks
  • Personalized Oracle Reading
  • Parchment paper
  • Lover’s Moon Book of Shadows artwork

Everything in the box is useful and given with spell-work and magical planning in mind.

The Beltane bath salt is sumptuous. I couldn’t wait until May to use it, so I used a small amount last night. The scent is absolutely divine. It smells very clean and “green” but with a juicy, fruity note as well. There are dried flowers which create that lovely visual and aromatic romance in the water.

The Beltane anointing oil also smells fantastic but has a heavier, spicier note amidst the herbal notes. I think i can detect some clove. It is very firey and thus fits well with the esbat. The oil can be used on candles, skin, or sacred tools. I put a very small amount on my wrists and hands and it transferred a light scent to my tarot cards ❤

The Book of Shadows pages are gorgeous. Richly illustrated and informative, they will definately go on display in my magic working side of the room.

Book of Shadows pages

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this lovely box.

Have you ever tried a witchy or metaphysical subscription box? What are your favorite boxes?



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