Honoring Relatives With Tarot

Today was my cousin’s birthday. It has only been five months since the day I received the news, and I wanted to do something special to honor her spirit.

There are many belief systems centered around where a soul goes once a person passes, but in most cultures world over, there are ceremonies to honor the dead. After the funeral, grieving still occurs and will continue for years or through a person’s entire life. There are ways to cope with this process, however, and to bring some warmth to a loved one’s spirit.

My cousin, at least at one point, loved tarot, witchcraft, and the occult. She would find it fitting for me to use such things to remember her and celebrate her birthday. She was bold, funny, and social and had a beautiful warmth about her personality.

To honor her memory, I used a plain shelf as an ancestor altar and placed some things that I knew were important to her on it such as a few old postcards sent from her favorite places, old bottles, and dried flowers. I then decided to light a tealight in my spirit candle jar, give an offering of chocolate and a gold coin, talk to her, and do a spirit reading.

The reading uses a very simple and direct 3 card spread:

1. What is your message for me?

2. In what way can I honor your memory?

3. Second way to honor your memory.

The message that was given was very specific and very much from my cousin. The reading was very personal to me and was something she had told me not long before she had passed.

It was an emotional yet cathartic process because it allowed me to let go of some negative emotions that I hadn’t yet admitted to myself and allowed cleansing to happen.

In a sense, you are communicating with a lost loved-one’s energy. It felt as though I were writing a letter and then opening a letter from her each time a card was drawn.

This is something I’d like to try once a month. Even if you don’t feel as though you can tap into spirit energy, this reading is worth your time because of the beautiful memories that come up as a result.

What are your thoughts on contacting or honoring the spirits of loved ones?



*Email or PM me for a personal, heart-centered tarot reading.


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