New Moon in Pisces, Making Incense, and having chocolate

There is nothing like drinking a cup of hot turmeric tea, having Godiva chocolate, and listening to the wind chimes outside while sitting in my sacred space. Tomorrow is the New Moon in Pisces.

New moons are the time when we, like the light of the moon, retreat back into ourselves and reflect on how our month has unfolded. The New Moon is all about intention-setting, planning, and reflecting. During this quiet darkness, our intuition is sparked. Divination comes more easily (though many witches prefer the full moon for this, I work with the Hekate and the dark goddess energy) because we are apart from others and can quiet our mind.

The Pisces Dark Moon aids us in psychic and healing energies due to the element of water and the enlightened energy that this sign brings to the dark moon.

I made some divination incense and thought I would share the recipe. A note about homemade incense: it is simply not the same as store bought unless you have serious time on your hands. The incense I make has a magical function more than an aromatic experience. This incense is for clairvoyance specifically, but you can adjust the ingredients to match your intentions (or whatever herbs are in your pantry).

Divination Incense

You will need:

A Mortar and Pestle

Self Igniting incense



Sweet Orange Oil

1 Clove (or clove oil)

Calendula petals

The Process:

Note: your amounts will vary based on your intention and how much incense you want. A small pinch of each ingredient makes 2 cones for me.

Begin with the clove. Grind the clove with your mortar and pestle until it is in small pieces (it does not have to be a fine powder). Next, add the mugwort. Grind the two together until a thick powder forms. Next, add the flowers and grind them into the same consistency. Add the sweet orange oil and any other oils you wish at this time. Only add up to 4 drops. Add the self-igniting incense.
You only need a pinch or two but if you add more, it will create a larger amount of your homemade incense.

If you are using this as a loose powder incense or on top of a charcoal block, you do not want to add any water. You The nice thing about the self igniting incense is that you can burn loosely in a cauldron or fire-safe bowl.

If making cones:

If you are making cones, add a few drops of water. You want the incense to remain just a little dry so that it keeps its form and also burns later. Shape the powder into cone-like shapes with your hands. I like to form a ball and then press the sides together and flatten the bottom to make the cone-shape. Allow the cones to dry and harden for at least a few days. The longer they sit, the more firm they will become. It is normal for them to be a little crumbly and misshapen because they are hand-made. The intention is what matters!

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my evening and were able to take some ideas with you about your own New Moon Intention Ritual.



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